Not all the prayers are answered by the almighty but here in MSS, no prayers go unanswered.
-- Sudhanshuji Maharaj
Mahavir Seva Sadan provided rebirth for those who were once handicapped
-- Kanhaiyalalji Sethia
There is no such place in whole of eastern India where such miracles happen.
-- Late Dr. A.K. Sengupta
For whatever I am today, I owe a lot to Mahavir Seva Sadan.
-- Sudha Chandaran


Before coming to MSS, Abir could not walk properly and used to fall down very often. He was afraid of everything. Had no eye contact and was unable to recognize colours.

Now he is able to walk properly with the help of special shoes provided by MSS. His fear psychosis has considerably reduced and is able to do many things himself. Now he has developed proper eye contact and is able to recognize colours.

Sharmila Mondal

A Mother’s Response: Jishan Uddin

Before coming to MSS Jishan was unable to walk steadily, falling down very often. He could not name the colours, was unable to match shapes, pictures, lines etc. he could not read and write 1 and 2 alphabets, could not wear his dress by himself and was dependable on his mother for feeding. I needed to carry him, because he was unable to walk even with support.

Now Jishan can read and write 1&2 in alphabets very nicely. There is lot of improvement in his balance by which his falling down has decreased a lot. He can identify the colours and match the shapes, pictures and lines. Now he can dress and undress his shirts and ganjee by himself. He is now able to walk and feed by himself though by support.

Nikhat Jahanara

Riya’s Mother Informs

Before coming to MSS, RIYA SHRIVASTAVA was unable to use the right side of her body properly and in a meaningful way. She could not walk steadily and could not hold & grasp with her right hand and could not pick up small items with that hand. Falling persistently while walking and along with that she was unable to comb her hair by herself.

Now she is able to walk steadily, and is able to use her right hand meaningfully. She can now hold a glass, can drink and eat by that hand. Falling down has decreased to a large extent while walking. Now she is able to use the right side of her body functionally. Along with that she can also comb her hair by herself. Thank a lot...

I am very happy for the care my child received from MSS.

Nita Shrivastava

Feedback From A Mother Of ACP Child

My son Qurban had a problem in neck movement and also he could not move his hand, trunk and legs freely as he was diagnosed with Celebral Palsy with developmental delay. He was unable to turn on both sides also. Some doctors said that he can’t sit and move as there was a problem in his brain.

After coming to MSS, and undergoing therapy, Qurban is much better than his previous condition. Now he is able to move his head more freely, and responds to others by smiling.

Now he plays with his legs, and grasps objects with his hands. When he is called by his name, he responds with smile. Now he can catch articles for a small amount of time & turn both sides when playing while lying down in bed. I am very glad that my son is developmentally progressing and I see that there is hope & ray of improvement for my child. I wish that if my child can only do his own activities by himself it would be great gift for me from my God.

Thank you MSS for such great service to mankind.

Nafisa Khatoon

Mahavir Seva Sadan - Recipient of Outstanding Institution Award for working in the field of Disabilities, 2012 by The Govt. of West Bengal.

Recipient of 19th Bharat Nirman Award, 2012.