Our Youth Wing is committed to serve and bring smiles to the lives of our fellow humans. The Youth Wing of MSS is a team of young, energetic members having a common dream to follow their predecessors and yet do something new. Vocational training to the beneficiaries and jobs thereafter has been the biggest challenge and motive of the training centre which has been set up and is managed by our Youth Wing.


Mahavir Seva Sadan’s Orthopedic Rehabilitation & Research Center is equipped with facilities like: Renovated workshop equipped with advanced machines to make more and more comfortable and effective artificial limbs; State-of–the–art equipments for gait practice; Modern Research and Development facilities; A.C. physiotherapy unit with latest machines and equipments; Rehabilitation for handicapped. A modern and organized workshop equipped with latest machines and instruments to manufacture high class Artificial limbs, molded shoes etc. More than 1,80,000 physical challenged have been provided with Artificial legs, hands, calipers, molded shoes, wheelchair, tricycles and other accessories FREE of cost.


Physiotherapy Dept : A fully air conditioned physiotherapy unit with most modern machines to provide Free Treatment to all the beneficiaries of MSS under eminent Yoga Guru Dr.P.S.Das.


Homeopathy Clinic : Free consultancy and medicine to all beneficiaries and general public absolutely Free of any cost or consideration
Free Corrective Surgery for polio patients. Corrective surgery is conducted on Polio patients at regular intervals with the help of eminent doctors. A large number of children have benefitted from this programme.

Scholarship to physically challenged meritorious children for their education. In order to encourage physically challenged children to complete theit education, scholarships are given on the occasion of Republic Day and Independence Day. Deserving students are aided for their academic studies during the year.


Vocational Training Program- In our endeavour to improve the income and quality of life of our beneficiaries and make them make them self supportive, training is provided to them to make handicraft items, fancy envelopes and carry bags, paintings, stitching, flower arrangement etc. Computer training is also offered to eligible beneficiaries.

Outreach camps – Those poor handicapped people who cannot reach us, we reach to them by organizing camps at their doorsteps. We have organized more than 300 camps till date in India as well as in abroad.

Mahavir Seva Sadan a pioneer in Easten India for setting up a permanent workshop for meeting all the requirement of orthopeadically handicapped persons particularly for manufacture, fitment and free supply of Artificial limbs, Caliper, Molded/Surgical shoes etc; but on the joyous occasion of Silver Jubilee Celebrations, we had decided to make inroads in providing services to all the remaining physically challenged also as a part of our celebration. They are as follows:


Diagnostic & Pathology Facility centre in its own premises to render quality services absolutely free to our beneficiaries and at reasonable and affordable rates to the common people in general.

Polio correction camp the fact remains that there is no treatment in the world for polio affected persons and as such the only panacea remains is by arranging surgical correction in the effected part of the body and thereafter provide caliper as per their physical requirement. As such a camp is organized at frequent intervals to do surgical corrections by doctors specially qualified & experienced for such services.

Children’s free orthopedic corrective surgery camp specially for under privileged and less fortunate children suffering from birth defects, spastic problems, unequal size of limbs, paralysis and finger defects etc under famous pediatric orthopaedic surgeons.

Sunshine for slow learners: Differently abled children comprising of slow learners having mental retardation, cerebral palsy, loco motor disability and such others who are admittedly Divine Creatures of The Almighty. They need tender touch of love, care, respect, a positive motivation to survive with main stream of society, and as such, to hold camps to bring smile & security for such children.


Free Eye Care Clinic : To provide free eye checkup at our centre having state of art equipments and thereafter arrange free cataract operation to needy persons with latest Fibo system under renowned doctors at reputed hospitals and supply lens, spectacles etc free of cost.


Free Cerebral Palsy Children Welfare Unit: Although there is no permanent cure, yet life of such less fortunate children can be made more comfortable & self sustainable with proper diagnosis, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, training & corrective surgery. This unit is an initiative of MSS in this direction. The services of the unit is entirelt free and is open on all days.

Mobile Unit

img Many of the handicapped from remote places have difficulty in communicating to Kolkata to avail our services. To provide efficient and uninterrupted services, Mahavir Seva Sadan has introduced Mobile Workshops.

The primary purpose is to visit remote places in suburbs, districts and villages through out the country where full fledged camps are organized to provide artificial limbs and other services to such needy people.